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Beginner Guide

Beginner Guide

So you're new to Ecay? Welcome to the marketplace!!

We find the best guide to using Ecay is simply to register and follow the pretty simple instructions throughout the site. But to try to asssist:

To REGISTER , simply click on the link at the top of this page - it will bring you to a very easy, step-by-step sign-up process. Once you've done that, and clicked on your verification - you're in!

And it gets easier...once you've registered (and you're now a member of EcayTrade), you can create and post ads using the very easy POST AD links throughout the site.


Once you're logged in, you're usually taken to the 'MY PROFILE' section of your Member Account. This page is really self-explanatory (you'll see that yourself once logged in!). If the system has not brought you to your profile page, just click on the icon displaying at the top.

To post a new ad, simply click on any of the big green buttons that say POST AD and you'll be brought to Step 1 of a very simple 3 Step process:

Step 1 - Select a Category: Here at Ecay, we've combined hundred's of sub-sections into 6 Top Level Category Options (Real Estate - Autos/Boats - Buy & Sell - Jobs - Services & Specials - Community)

When you're selecting your Top Level Category, you can see that the subsections change as you change your sounds a lot more complicated here than it actually is when you're Posting The Ad.


Once you've chosen a location (category) for your advert, you'll be asked to click and PROCEED TO DESCRIBE YOUR ADVERT.

It's here that the real magic of EcayTrade can enter your Title, the Price if necessary, a Description, choose some additional Details if appropriate, upload Pictures (WE ALWAYS RECOMMEND AT LEAST ONE PICTURE), Videos and Files if you wish.

Please ensure to abide by the rules and laws of the Cayman Islands regarding the legality of items for sale, images for sale, and other official restrictions from Government, Police and related entities. 

Step 3 - SAVE & PROCEED TO MAP IT (or Simply Save and Post The Ad)

Once you've written your ad, it's time to either Post it as is, or even better.....MAP IT!! If you map an advert, especially in Real Estate, it will increase the chances of your ad being seen by interested users.

And that's it....using EcayTrade really is that simple. You will also get the option at the end to SHARE YOUR AD with your Social Network followers, even on WhatsApp if you're using a mobile phone.

Hope that helps...any questions, please contact us using the links below.

Thanks, Team Ecay!