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Featuring Ad

Featuring Ad

Keep your Ad(s) at the TOP of any page!!

To promote your advert(s) to the most potential people, Ecay has created the ability to Feature your Advert(s), and it's incredibly effective.

What is a Featured Ad? It's a PROMOTED advert that displays at the top of chosen pages, categories, sections for a pre-determined amount of days.

How do you post a Featured Ad? SIMPLE - 

1 - Create/Post an Advert

2 - Select to Feature that Advert (there's a STAR icon placed on the Ad in your Member Area)

3 - Choose what Category or Page, and for how many days

4 - Select the payment option (CC/Debit/PayPal)

It's really that simple. Contact us with any questions, or simply log in and PROMOTE your ads!

Please note, all payments are final. There are no refunds once the Advert goes live on the website in your chosen, paid for, position.