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Posting Policy

Posting Policy

EcayTrade reserves the right to alter the Posting Policy as it pertains to Adverts, User Comments, Reviews and any other method of content submission at any time without having to inform users (whether private or commercial) in advance of the alteration.

Items deemed illegal by the Government and/or Government agencies for sale in the Islands are also deemed illegal for sale on EcayTrade. Also, some industries are restricted as per local legislation and lobby groups including but not restricted to the sale of animals. EcayTrade works closely with on-Island groups to help foster a positive environment for animals and will restrict for sale adverts for animals that are not posted by licensed breeders.

Currently EcayTrade restricts the volume of adverts any single account can place within specific timeframes. If EcayTrade finds that you have posted a large volume of adverts in a short period of time, the POST AD Function button will be disabled. If this occurs, please log out, and come back later in the day. EcayTrade implements this variable policy across the site along different parameters depending to Category, Account Holder, User Feedback and other considerations. Above all, this policy is in place to enable EcayTrade to provide a varied and user-friendly marketplace for all.

Ecay recommends you frequently review the Terms & Conditions of the website as they can and do change without any obligation on the part of EcayTrade to communicate such changes to users.

Please note, Ecay Trade provides an online platform for private and commercial sellers, and therefore the Posting Policy for private sellers will be different than the Posting Policy for some and/or all of our Commercial Sellers.

Some of our Commercial Sellers may not all share the same Posting Policy parameters as each other and EcayTrade reserves the right to amend Posting Policies as it deems necessary.

On occasion, EcayTrade may restrict the Posting permissions by category, service, user account and other parameters as it sees fit - including but not limited to geographical and/or chronological considerations.